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Woodbridge, Edison
7 Days Pediatrics
1802 Oak Tree Rd, Ste 101
Edison, NJ 08820
(732) 548-3210

760 Amboy Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 548-3210

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Prenatal Pediatric Visit

Our office provides FREE prenatal consultation to expecting parents.

We offer in office and telephonic prenatal consultation.

Importance: This is the opportunity to meet with the doctor who will be caring for your child over next 20 years and establish child’s medical home.

Following issues are discussed during prenatal visit:

  1. Mother’s obstetric history, prenatal history, Ultrasound results and identify high risk situations if any.
  2. Family Support system.
  3. Feeding Plans: Breast feeding and/or formula feeding.
  4. Newborn Screening and Hearing screening tests.
  5. Family genetic history.
  6. Circumcision
  7. Safety and anticipatory guidance including car seats, smoking, supine sleeping position to prevent SIDS, and appropriate crib accessories.
  8. Schedule of visits during the first year.
  9. Immunization Schedule
  10. Office hours and how the parents can get in touch with us during the day and how to reach us after hours and coverage in vacation times.